WellPutt To Be Distributed In Canada

Collection of innovative training aids for putting and full-swing play now available in Canada  

JUPITER, Florida (September 24, 2015) – WellPutt (h4distribution.com/wellputt), a collection of training aids that are original, innovative and effective for golfers of all skill levels, now is available for purchase at golf shops and retail shops throughout Canada. Individual golfers, instructors and academies in Canada can see and try the extraordinary WellPutt training aids.

“Canadian golfers now have the opportunity to discover how the popular line of WellPutt training aids can improve their practice and play,” said Laurent-Alix Huguet, CEO of H4 Distribution, which distributes WellPutt products throughout the U.S. “We are pleased that MKRAK, a company which specializes in Canadian distribution of high-quality golf products, has added WellPutt training aids to its lineup.”

Among the WellPutt products to be distributed in Canada the award-winning Welling Putt Mat, favored by instructors and golfers who prefer to practice putting indoors. Welling Putt Mat won the 2013 Golf Europe Product Award in the training-aid category. WellPutt’s Arc to Arc 5, for improving the technicality of one’s putting stroke, also will be sold in Canada.

MKRAK was established with the vision of helping all golfers enjoy the game by providing leading-edge equipment, training aids and accessories to the Canadian marketplace. The company’s team is passionate about providing products that help individuals enjoy the game, no matter what their level of expertise. Putting the customer first and providing added value are how MKRAK continues to set itself apart. For more information, see mkrak.ca.

About WellPutt
WellPutt, a line of inventive training aids for putting and full-swing play, was founded by a European golf professional. The company began with the introduction of the award-winning Welling Putt Mat, designed to be used both indoors and outdoors to sharpen a golfer’s feel, direction and alignment in putting. Arc to Arc 5 is for the golfer seeking to improve the technical aspects of his putting stroke, allowing him to see his stroke and feel the path of the putter head. WellStance is useful to a player looking to enhance and repeat proper ball position. Gate Drill Weights are popular sturdy weights to be used on the putting green, replacing tees while working on drills.

For more information on WellPutt training aids, see h4distribution.com/wellputt.

Sally J. Sportsman

Article Source: http://www.thegolfwire.com/story/322905