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Nikon continues to push the boundaries of optical technology. Nikon’s history is one of challenges and exploration in the world of optics.Nikon has introduced laser beam optical technology to measure distances, creating their laser rangefinders for the golf world. Laser beams offer a remarkable array of innovations, and they are employed in many different areas. These include the use of laser scalpels in medicine, laser beam machines in industry, and laser technology in audiovisual equipment such as CDs and DVDs. Some of us may even have seen laser beams used at concerts and other events as tools to dramatize performances. Laser beams literally travel at lightning speed—300,000 kilometers per second; the equivalent of seven and half times around the world in one second! Moreover, a laser beam is able to travel long distances and still hit its target as a small dot without dispersing. Laser rangefinders were developed by utilizing this special laser beam feature.


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