About The Brand:

Nexbelt-LogoWe are looking forward to the 2014 season and this new brochure represents our hard work to bring fresh innovative ideas to the belt fashion world.

Our engineering and design teams have been hard at work on new designs. We are especially proud of our redesigned mechanism,which lightened the buckle both actually and figuratively: It is a thing of beauty. We also updated the Go-In buckles changing the magnet system from 5 to 2 magnets and re-designed the face and body for a lighter buckle. You will begin to see the fruits of our labor as the season progresses. Almost every one of our lines of belts has been revised or updated. New materials are brought in like Carbon Fiber embossed leather in black and white to add a rich variety to the belt landscape.

New offers include the Canvas line of belts that both men and women can wear and two new lines of women belts: The Allie and the Rachel.


You can view all Nexbelt products HERE

Please contact MKRAK with any questions or orders.